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Episode 6 of the Dr. Phil Housewives As Seen By a Single Guy Who Had Nothing Better to Watch - Celebok Northwest

Oct. 25th, 2010

01:35 pm - Episode 6 of the Dr. Phil Housewives As Seen By a Single Guy Who Had Nothing Better to Watch

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For me, this episode of the Dr. Phil Housewives was a lesson in "be careful what you wish for". After the first episode, I said I wanted to know two things: why Stay-in-Bed Mom stays in bed, and what's on Eyebrows' mind. In this episode, six episodes into the series, we finally got answers to both. And just like many fans of LOST during its final season, I wasn't happy with the answers.

Okay, so this was basically the Stay-in-Bed Mom episode. What we basically learned is that SIBM doesn't get out of bed because she doesn't feel like she has to. She constantly does what is now being referred to as "The Idalia Thing" -- yelling at her personal servant, a woman named Idalia, to get her something as simple as a container of yogurt, often to the point of walking past the very refrigerator that contains the yogurt, just to order Idalia to get it for her. We also learned that SIBM is an alcoholic. I didn't really see it coming (until I saw the previews), but I'm not really surprised. Actually, I kinda wish they didn't mention her drinking problem in the previews, because it kinda spoiled what little surprise there was. Anyway, Dr. Phil then read a wake-up letter that SIBM's daughter had written to say how it feels to have her mom "off-duty" when she's home. In response to SIBM's claim that her life isn't her daughter's business, SIBM's daughter writes, "I think it just might be my business." SIBM's daughter is now officially the first person in the Dr. Phil Housewives, albeit a supporting character, that I respect. Also, while Dr. Phil was reading the daughter's letter, a brief close-up of Eyebrows and the look on her face reminded me that Eyebrows can relate to SIBM's daughter. Anyway, so SIBM then promised Dr. Phil and each of the other five Housewives that she would change and actually become a mom to her children. In a side interview, Gunslinger stated that she doesn't think SIBM can do it. But then, Gunslinger never really had any respect for SIBM (or anyone else, for that matter) in the first place.

Okay. Eyebrows! Yes, we finally got to hear what issues are going on in her life and everything that's been on her mind... all at once!! It was just what I was afraid was going to eventually happen -- that after she remained silent for so long, all of her issues would just suddenly come out in one huge overwhelming burst. In fact, it all came out so fast, that most of what she said went clear over my head. And from the look on Dr. Phil's face, I'd say even HE was overwhelmed! All I remember is that there was something in there about moving in with her boyfriend and his parents, and she's not even sure if he's the one. And for a second, it almost sounded like she was about to pull a Hokey-Pokey and decide to quit the group, but then she said she's not. And I'm left sitting there confused as to what just happened.

The last quarter of the show was about Hokey-Pokey going on a blind date and the reasons she hasn't been dating. Apparently she usually backs out of dates at the last minute, and she doesn't go for "nice guys". At least she's honest about that part, unlike most women. Kudos to the guy for figuring out that HP is just making excuses for why she doesn't date. Unfortunately, the episode ended before we saw the conclusion of that date. I'm guessing they'll follow up next time, otherwise that whole sequence was pointless.

It was nice to NOT hear much from Her Diva-ness or Strutter Mom for a change. Unfortunately, it looks like next week's episode will make up for that. I'll just say this: Eyebrows definitely did sound VERY whiny when she finally spoke, but I'm willing to chalk it up to the fact that she's been holding it all in for six episodes. I'm hoping that's not her normal self, but if it is, then I'll have to resign from Team Eyebrows. Also, I think someone should write a song called "Idalia, Get Me Some Yogurt".


Date:October 28th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)

Housewives Fan

Hey Single guy,

You have got to be the most interesting housewives blogger to boot. I love reading your POV. Keep it up...I can't wait to see next weeks episode. It looks juicy. I didn't anticipate getting so involved...wowza...these women.
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Date:October 29th, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)


great recap
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Date:October 29th, 2010 11:28 pm (UTC)

You obviously missed it..

You clearly missed that SIBM stays in bed because her husband is nightmarishly jealous. And, since she's messed up two prior marriages, she doesn't want to add number three to the pile. If she stays in bed and drinks he doesn't have any "you were in the presence of men who could steal you from me" ammunition to sling at her. Is she making a wise choice with regard to how to handle it, not at all. But, sometimes when women have a problem they don't know how to "fix" they'll put a bandaid on it like staying in bed so the conflict doesn't happen and her husband can feel safe and secure that he knows where she is. It's no slouches problem to figure out how to get her husband to feel safe at the same time as she goes out into the world. She clearly wants him to feel safe, but, she can't make him. He has to find out why he's so insecure and if he's blaming it on her, he'll never look inside himself to find the solution.
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